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Below are titles of several recent psychology articles. Click here to read these and other articles.


Jealousy Versus Admiration: Change the Polarity on Jealousy and Let Admiration Recharge You

How to Stop Your Toddler From Hitting

Vulnerable Students Need Explicit Spelling Instruction

Back to School: How to Help Build Executive Functioning Skills

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers

You Might Be Using Melatonin All Wrong. Here's What You Should Know

Cyberbullying Remains Rampant on Social Media

Stuck in a Rut? Sometimes Joy Takes a Little Practice

Mediterranean Diet May Prevent Memory Loss and Dementia, Study Finds

Deep Sleep Protects Against Alzheimer's, Growing Evidence Shows

How to Celebrate the Holidays in the Midst of Grief

Self-Care Tips for Stressed Parents

Helping Children Get a Good Night's Sleep

Your Kids Aren't Too Young to Talk About Race: Resource Roundup

Helping Children and Families Cope With the COVID-19 Pandemic

Acting Like an Extrovert Has a Positive Effect on Happiness, Study Finds

Hospitals Testing Virtual Reality to Improve Pain Management, Reduce Opioid Usage

For Kids With Anxiety, Parents Learn to Let Them Face Their Fears

Sleep is the Third Pillar of Health -- Stop Overlooking Its Importance

What's Going on in Your Child's Brain When You Read Them a Story?

Suicide is a Leading Cause of Death for New Moms But Awareness is Low

Getting a Good Night's Sleep: How Psychologists Help With Insomnia

In the Aftermath of a Shooting: Help Your Children Manage Distress

How to Build Resilience in Midlife

An Age-By-Age Guide to Helping Kids Manage Emotions

The Polluted Brain: Evidence Builds That Dirty Air Causes Alzheimer's, Dementia

Gaslighting: Know It and Identify It to Protect Yourself

Neuroscience Says Listening to This 1 Song Reduces Anxiety By Up to 65 Percent

Body Scan for Kids

How to Raise Kinder, Less Entitled Kids (According to Science)

Link Discovered Between Touch of Individuals With Autism and Their Social Difficulties

What's the Right Age for a Child to Get a Smartphone?

49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child

Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier.

Teach Your Child to Love Learning: Keys to Kids' Motivation

How to Help: 4 Things to Say to Bereaved Parents... And One Thing Never to Say

Good Parenting Skills: 7 Research-Backed Ways to Raise Kids Right

How to Raise Happy Kids: 10 Steps Backed by Science

The Science of Giving: Why Being Generous is Good for You

"Mommy, Why Do I Worry So Much?" Anxiety Explained via Infographic

Are You Raising Nice Kids? A Harvard Psychologist Give 5 Ways to Raise Them to Be Kind

When a Child Lies

The Habits of Supremely Happy People

Repeated Exposure to Traumatic Images May Be Harmful to Health

How Heart Patients Can Combat Post-Operative Depression

Reduced Brain Connections Seen in People With Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Are You a Hero or a Bystander?

Lunch Workers Study How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

Obesity in Middle Age May Hasten Cognitive Decline

How Lying Affects Your Health

Focusing on Children Instead of Relationship Problems Helps Separated Couples Parent Effectively, Civilly

Why Are the Elderly So Often Scammed?

Understanding Brain Performance: People Who Take Ritalin Are Far More Aware of Their Mistakes

Is 9 Hours of Sleep Too Much for Teens?

ADHD: Diet Might Matter, But Less Than Many Parents Think

Babies' Sleep Problems May Persist Over Years, Study Says

On the Other Hand: Understanding Left-Handedness

Blink Patterns May Be a Window Into Autistic Mind

Childhood Disorder Prompts Study of Infection Link to Mental Illness

Study: Mild Strokes May Have Hidden Effects

Eating Sweets Early in Pregnancy Can Mean Obese Baby

What Damage Does Alcohol Do to Our Bodies?

Sleep Disruption May Be Tied to Alzheimer's

Psychological Interventions Can Alleviate Chronic Pain and Improve Quality of Life

The Science Behind Pleasure-Seeking

A Healthy Dose of Repetitive Behavior Reduces Anxiety

Want to Succeed? Stop Trying So Hard

Single-Sex Schools Fail to Improve Learning

Men Cooperate as Well as Women -- Sometimes

For Kids With OCD, Adding Therapy to Drugs Helps

Diabetes Increases the Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

Child Abuse Rose During Recession, Research Says

Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World

Drug Deaths Now Outnumber Traffic Fatalities in U.S., Data Show

Science Looks at the Sibling Effect

Serotonin Levels Affect Brain's Response to Anger: Study

Links Between Racial Discrimination, Stress and Health

Living With Psoriasis: Emotional Health

Cure Insomnia by Rescheduling Bedtime

Never Too Soon: Means to Reduce Violence May Start in Utero

No Greater Risk of Depression for Pregnant Women Who Stop Antidepressants

The Psychology of Excellence

Boorish Coworkers Can Damage Your Home Life

Teen Marriage Tied to Higher Risk for Mental Illness in Women

Why the Trip Home Seems to Go by Faster

Parents Need An Attitude Adjustment to Improve Their Children's Homework Motivation

Why Memorialize Disasters? The Good and Bad in Trauma Memorials and Anniversaries

Children's Social Goals Help Determine Their Response to Bullying

Bilingual Babies' Vocabulary Linked to Early Brain Differentiation

Doctors' Groups Say Teens Shouldn't Box

Child Has Sleep Problems? Your Doc May Be Little Help

Memory and Amnesia: How Do I Remember That I Know You Know That I Know

LGBT Teens and Stress

Teen Drinking, Smoking Higher Among Facebook Users

Lingering Questions: Is It Possible for a Child's Death to Be Deemed a Success? 

Advocates: Importance of Play Time for Children Neglected

Prevention Program for Postpartum Anxiety Disorders

Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?

Analysis: Watch and Wait Before Treating Norway Trauma Victims

Why Do Some People Become Addicts?

Comparing Yourself to Others: It's Not All Bad

Many Pediatricians Aren't Testing Tots for Developmental Delays

10 Exercise Myths That Won't Go Away

Brain Calisthenics for Abstract Ideas

Head Injuries in Young People May Be Linked to More Violent Behavior

Your Child is Diagnosed With Autism... Now What?

Unique Study Explores Cumulative Effect of Hits in High School Football

Classroom Environment Impacts 1st Graders' Mental Health

A Couple's Touch Reveals More Than Affection

Knowing Why Teens Lie Will Help You Get to the Truth

Is There a Genius in All of Us?

Too Much Screen Time Means Health Decline

How to Teach Children to Be Optimists: Listen, Don't Label

Effort to Restore Children's Play Gains Momentum

Touching Makes You Healthier

Get Some Sleep: ADHD, Sleep Disorders Often Entwined

Best Fitness Routines Fit Your Personality, Studies Show

The Secrets to a Super-Happy Winter

Placebos Help, Even When Patients Know About Them

Scans Could Predict Onset of Schizophrenia

Teaching Kids Gratitude

Happiness is a Focused Mind; Sex Helps Focus

The Kids Can't Help It

How to Stop Procrastinating

A Box? Or a Spaceship? What Makes Kids Creative

Orthorexia: An Unhealthy Obsession With Healthy Eating

TV Watching is Bad for Babies' Brains

Tracing the Spark of Creative Problem-Solving

Why is It So Hard to Say Thanks?

Children Born "Late Pre-Term" More Prone to Low IQ

Buyer Beware -- of How You're Being Coaxed Into Spending

Holiday Travel: 3 Ways to Reduce Stress

New Study Delves Inside a Suicide Bomber's Mind

Ability Seen in Toddlers to Judge Others' Intent

Keep Upbeat on the Job Search When You're Down in the Dumps

City Life Taxes Brain Power

Where's My Car? How Do I Know You? Beating Brain Glitches

Cruelest Cut: Tiny Injuries Can Bring the Biggest Pain

How to Cope With Alzheimer's During the Holidays

As More Older Workers and Younger Bosses Are Thrown Together the Old Workplace Order is Upended

The Food-Mood Connection

Why We Conform to the Group: It Gets Your Brain High

Excuses, Excuses: 11 Health Cop-Outs That Hold You Back

Halloween Science: Why We Love to Scare Ourselves

Surviving ADHD at Work and School

Along Came a Spider...

Parents: How to Raise a Creative Genius

Gay Teens Told "It Gets Better"

Need a Study Break to Refresh? Maybe Not, Say Stanford Researchers

Hide the Dessert! Feds Use Psychology in School Lunch Line

Beyond Book Learning: Schools Teach Social and Emotional Skills

Life Changes Can Make You Happy

7 Ways to Work Yourself to Death

Why So Many People Can't Make Decisions

Noise Pollution Rattles Nerves, Harms Health

"I Hate School" Extreme Edition

Human Connections Start With a Friendly Touch

Books, Stress, Pizza: A Recipe for the "Freshman 15"?

The Trials of Living With Tourette Syndrome

A Single Massage Can Boost the Immune System

Insomnia, Anxiety Meds May Shorten Life Span

Troubled Teens Find New Way to Self-Harm -- Embedding

Kids Who Grow Stronger After Trauma

A Way Out of Depression

Having a Dog Does Improve Your Health

"Inception" in Real Life? Researchers Rewrite Nightmares of PTSD Patients

If Baby Doesn't Like to Gaze at Faces, It Could Be an Early Sign of Autism

When Texting Becomes an Addiction

In Depression, It's the Physical Symptoms That Carry Heart Risk

Think the Answer's Clear? Look Again

New Moms Get Enough Sleep, Just Not Good Sleep

Partners Start Off Alike, And Do Not Tend to Become More Similar With Time

Scared Straight? Recalls Change How We Eat -- Briefly

Can Preschoolers Be Depressed?

Tai Chi May Ease Fibromyalgia Pain

Sign Language Cuts Frustration Levels, Helps Babies Communicate

Guy Time's Good for You

Heart Attack, Stroke-Prone Arteries More Common in Nasty People

7 Ways to Get the Best Sleep Ever

The Power Trip

Experiencing Teen Drama Overload? Blame Biology

Stereotyping Has Lasting Negative Impact

Preparing Kids for Life in 6th Grade

From Grunting to Gabbing: Why Humans Can Talk

A Dose of Sibling Rivalry

Most Senior Citizens Learn to Adapt to the Loss of a Partner

Babies May Show Signs of Autism

But Will It Make You Happy?

Children Who Resist Going to Sleep May Need a Calm and Careful Parent

Violent Dreams May Predict Illness in Advance

How to Help Small Children Overcome Common Fears

Military Dog Comes Home From Iraq Traumatized

Having a Sister Can Be Good for Your Emotional Health

Study: Working Mothers Not Necessarily Harmful to Child Development

The Women Who Choose Not to Be Mothers

ADHD, Smoking May Be Linked With Dropping Out of School

Recipe for Longevity: No Smoking, Lots of Friends

The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers

Varying Your Practice Moves May Help Improve Skills

How Low Self-Esteem Can Cost You the Job

How to Tame Your Nightmares

Do You Feel "Righteous Rage" on the Road?

Career Coach: In Our Fast-Paced Area, Patience Takes Works

Making That Awkward Talk a Little Easier

New Scan May Spot Alzheimer's

What, Me Worry?

Is Sitting While Autistic a Crime?

Caregivers Get Training That Simulates Sensory and Memory Losses of Dementia

What You Need to Know About Childhood Depression

Why We Can't Unplug on Vacation

Think You're Operating on Free Will? Think Again

Divorce Not Always Bad for the Kids

Teen Girls Drinking More Alcohol

How to Tell Your Child You Might Be Dying

Money Can Buy One Form of Happiness, Massive Global Study Concludes

Circadian Rhythms Are Powerful, But People Can Change Their Sleep-Wake Cycles

Worried About a Moody Teen?

Discovering the Virtues of a Wandering Mind

Entertaining Emotions: TV May Be Teaching Us to Overreact

Miracle Grow: The Teen Brain is a Marvel of Smarts. It's Just Not All Filled In (Yet).

"Mozart Effect" Was Just What We Wanted to Hear

Scientists Find Way to Predict Timing of Menopause

Now Scientists Read Your Mind Better Than You Can

Why E-Mail May Be Hurting Off-Line Relationships

The Best Vacation Ever

The Surprising Toll of Sleep Deprivation

Dads Empower Kids to Take Chances

Quitting Smoking May Ease Stress Levels

Be a Better Worker -- Take a Vacation

Study: Lifestyle May Not Prevent Alzheimer's

Stop Texting, Dad! I'm Talking to You

Conceiving With Donor Sparks Dilemma Over How to Tell the Kids 

When to Buy Your Child a Cellphone 

Sleep Deprivation Linked to Depression in Teens

Do Pregnancy and Bipolar Disorder Mix?

Grandpa's Decision-Making Skills May Be Just Fine

Are We Joyless Working Machines?

Botox Gap in Understanding Emotion

Kids Face Up to Disgust Surprisingly Late

Habitual Meditation Reduces Pain Perception

How to Prepare Your Child for a New Baby

Making "Scents" of a Partner's Feelings

"Subtle Suicide" Destroys Lives of Millions; Often Misdiagnosed

Baby Blues Not Just a Mom and Her Hormones Thing

Creative Minds "Mimic Schizophrenia"

Skin Color Affects Ability to Empathize With Pain

People Who Think They Stink May Have Mental Disorder "Olfactory Reference Syndrome"

What's the Difference Between Being Lonely and a Loner?

As Autism Web Sites Boom, Experts Urge Caution

Cartoon Network Plans Major Anti-Bullying Campaign

Why Do Mothers Judge One Another and Their Parenting?

Conceiving After Loss: "You Can Never Replace a Child"

Sex Talk: Telling Friends Eases Older Men's Stress Over Sex Problems

Families' Every Fuss, Archived and Analyzed

Yoga May Help Cancer Patients After Treatment

Shadows May Distract Autistic Children

Can Caring Make You Sick?

Throwing Away the Key: Is a Lifetime in Jail the Best Way to Deal With Sex Offenders?

Four Behaviors Linked to Divorce

Behavior Therapy Matches Drugs for Calming Tics

More Often Than Not, Brain Injuries Lead to Depression

Even Sleeping Babies Learn Quickly

People Are Happier, Less Stressed After Age 50

Postpartum Depression: When Moms Feel Out of Control

If You're Good, I'll Buy You a Toy: The Difference Between Bribing Your Child and Rewarding Your Child

Simple Gestures Can Mislead Children

Green Light Can Reset Your Internal Body Clock, Affect Sleep

Music Aids Alzheimer's Patients in Remembering New Information

Hit Me Again! The Gambling Brain

Brain Differences Linked to Dyslexia

Help Me Fix It: Dr. Richard Besser Takes on Insomnia

Dementia Takes Away the Meaning of Flavours: Clues to Brain Basis for Abnormal Food Preferences

Babies Know the Difference Between Good and Evil at Six Months, Study Reveals

Dreams About Taking Exam, Being Naked -- What They Mean

Behavioral Therapy Can Quickly Calm Irritable Bowels

Mom's Favoritism Can Affect Kids, Sibling Rivalry as Adults

Kids' TV Time Linked to School Woes, Bad Habits

A Genetic Drive to Love, Yet Distanced by Differences

Denial Helps Dial Down a Nagging Worry, And It Can Actually Help Healing Process

5 Minutes in the Green Can Boost Mood

"Cuddle Hormone" Makes Men More Empathic

New Braille Technology Helps Visually Impaired "See" Emotions

Reward-Driven People Win More, Even When No Reward at Stake











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